Fluid Painting Coasters

A few weeks ago my wife did her first flip cup dirty pour. She used four ceramic tiles to create a coaster set. She picked out a fantastic color palette. The tiles turned out extremely well. There was a little bit of paint left from her pour so I combined all the cups together and did a fifth tile with the extra paint. In this video, I try to recreate my wife's dirty pour onto three new ceramic tiles so we can have two complete sets of coasters with this color palette.  It takes about three weeks for the paint to cure. Once these have cured I will put a coat of resin on them and they will be for sale in my shop.

Watch the video below.

List of products used on this pour.

Titanium White

Mars Black

Sterling Silver




91% Isopropyl Alcohol

Blaster Silicone

Here are the final pictures

I used the extra paint on a little canvas I had.